Branded planner, pencils and stickers for the 'Making Sense' planner kit







Open book spread with blue text and image on white


Paper, laser jet, saddle stitch binding
9" x 6"

A booklet and essay created as the culmination of research, critical thinking, and self-reflection on graphic design and my personal practice. This design of this booklet represents my tentative implementation and exploration with trend and convention. The essay and commentary functions as its content.


Book cover design of 'Normal People'

Normal People Book Cover, Lettering & Illustration

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
9" x 6"


Printed 'RISD GD' buttons, paper and stickers

RISD GD Starter Pack

Paper, laser jet, buttons, stickers

Tasked to make an “offering” to RISD’s Graphic Design community, this collaborative project took shape to become a fun and informative “starter pack” for new students joining the Graphic Design major.


Hand holding the book 'Insectes adn Papillons'

Insectes and Papillons

Paper, ink jet, binding thread
12" x 9"

Art book cover and interior design created as a homage to the illustration and textile design work of E.A. Séguy.


Hands holding an open book spread with post-it notes and highlighted text

Anxiety Narrative

Paper, ink jet, post-it notes, glue
7" x 5.5"

Prompted to construct a narrative through multiplicity of situations, I chose to focus on my own struggles with anxiety, creating a book. My personal remarks are included on post-it notes throughout the book. The idea to use these removable post-its, and emphasize annotative qualities in the design came from my process of printing out the articles to read.


Branded planner, pencils and stickers for the 'Making Sense' planner kit

Making Sense 2020 Planner

Paper, laser jet, wire-o, stickers
11" x 8.5"

“Making Sense” is a planner kit formatted and designed in a way that emphasizes time management and organization.


Green and black promotional poster for the typeface 'Frosty'

Frosty Display Face Band Poster

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
36" x 24"

A band poster designed to highlight the use of my custom display face, "Frosty," the semi-transparent lettering on this design.


Woman reading a book with a blue cover with text 'What I'm Reading? It's a Mystery'

Book-Bosomed Book Jackets

Canvas, ink jet
9.25" x 21"

A product that implements cheeky phrases to spark conversation, or even just a chuckle, for those reading in a public space.


Illutrated typography of the quote 'She talked like a woman who knew more books than people' -Melissa Albert

Illustrated Quote

Adobe Photoshop, pencil